Digital Marketing that is tailored to you and your opportunities

What we do

We're specialists in 3 key areas; Digital PR, Content Marketing and Technical SEO. Without those in check, websites in competitive niches struggle to rank.

How we do it

Our approach is centred on longevity by developing your organic growth. Data-led research and high value authority signals in the right places is fundamental to this.

Unbeatable brand placements that impact organic growth

You can measure us on the publications we land (our clients are featured in international media every month) or you can measure us on the impact our campaigns have on your long-term ability to drive organic traffic and revenue. We don't focus on vanity metrics (although, who doesn't like seeing a BBC placement) - we focus on what our work does for your business.

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ROI focused outcomes through data

Without a solid technical foundation or strategy, most websites act like leaking ships with no direction. Our audits highlight key areas to be resolved and strategies focus on highest ROI opportunities to navigate content creation and optimisation.

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Content that actually competes

Understanding what someone is looking for and anticipating their search journey is everything in Content Marketing. Our content regularly achieves top spot rankings by using search data and competitor metrics to target keywords with the most value then delivering exactly what someone is hoping for when they land there.

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Why choose Root?

Work with knowledge

Every campaign and plan is a team effort from a group of experienced individuals with an absolute ton of experience.

We're human

The agency you pick should be not only be able to achieve results but be a cultural fit for your company. That matters over the long-run and we love working with people who share the same values.

Over 90% client retention

That means a lot to us, and hopefully says a lot about what our work means to others too. The vast majority of clients we work with make the decision to increase the amount of work we produce together. What better insight than that?

Everything is tailored to you

Not only is every website and the industry they compete in different, but so are you and what you want from an agency partner. Got an in-house designer? Cool! We'll work with them. Got an in-house SEO? Cool! We can focus on Digital PR. Whatever helps you grow is what we care about.

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