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Content is often the life-blood of a website. It is your route to communicating your specialism, adding unique value to the web and generating stories that gain global attention. At Root, we’ve been producing content that achieves all of that and more for years, with the results to back it up.


The right question can lead to fascinating answers. We spend time curating the right survey that will generate data journalists will love.


Our data driven interactives have what we call ‘the snowball effect’. With a slight nudge and some prominent placements, it can lead to hundreds or thousands more.


Think the infographic is dead? Nope. Done correctly, infographics are a story-telling medium able to engage an audience on a long-form story quickly. Execution is everything.

Here’s just some of the links and placements we’ve built

How we think about Content Marketing

Above all, search engines are looking for websites and pages that can deliver the fastest, most reliable and coherent response to a users query. Of course the site has to be accessible for them, which is why we offer Technical SEO services, but content is fundamental to delivering that.

Content exists both on your site and off of it. A reliable source of information has signals externally, which factors into practises like Digital PR and Link Building. Here, your marketing efforts need to be able to communciate a website that provides strong and reference worthy material.

Separately, your site needs to be able to deliver not only assets and copy that offer the best possible answer to a users query, but also anticipate and deliver the follow-up queries they may have next. Understanding your users through projects like keyword research is key here and one of the reasons the content we help company’s produce ranks and achieves links.

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