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/30% Uplift During First 3 Months of SEO Led Website Redesign for Leading Job Board

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30% Uplift During First 3 Months of SEO Led Website Redesign for Leading Job Board

Organic improvement

73% increase

Bounce rate

Down 20%

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Thousands more CVs




Teaching Abroad Direct


Technical SEO & Website Development

How we achieved a 30% increase in organic visibility during the first 3 months of a website redesign – and still growing

When we started working with Teaching Abroad Direct, like we would with most clients, we completed some of the tasks we consider fundamental to improving organic performance. Within the first two months we’d then completed a Technical Audit and an SEO Strategy project.

Like most Technical Audits, we discovered some alarming issues, such as subject level page URL handling, which were utilising hash URLs, making them inaccessible to search engines and non-indexable. Our SEO Strategy also uncovered large opportunities for people searching for their professional + jobs working abroad.

We quickly started discussing how to make changes ASAP and how the current site design was performing for them. Collectively, we all agreed the site and brand needed work, so we set about completely overhauling the company’s brand at the same time as managing a website redesign.

The key areas of focus were:

  • Creating a brand able to communicate with a predominately Gen Z and Millennial candidate base
  • Creation of new indexable landing pages, including subject pages and TEFL related queries
  • Improving crawler accessibility, internal linking and on-page content
  • New CMS, making changes much easier to manage and new job postings smoother
  • Improved email management, including messaging and branding
  • Optimise Google Analytics tracking with defined and measurable goal performance

Armed with our strategic data and insights from the technical audit, over the course of the next few months, we redesigned the site from the group-up, working on SEO best practises, conducting technical analysis at every step.

This allowed us to avoid any of the pitfalls we’ve seen from other site redesign projects. Here, we homed in on a focus surrounding key pages, increasing internal linking and equity flow through the site whilst creating new pages targeting subject related queries and helping kick-off a new future revenue stream for the business focusing on TEFL related positions.


As a result of our work, Teaching Abroad Direct are now driving

  • 30% more YOY impressions through organic search
  • Organic pageviews up 73% measured through Google Analytics either side of the relaunch
  • Bounce rates down over 20%


We have worked with several SEO companies over the years and found them to be a bit hit and miss. It hasn’t always been clear what we have been paying for/what work has actually been done and frustratingly we actually lost significant traffic with our last company. Needless to say we were cautious when looking for a new SEO company.
Initially we were attracted to Darren (which turned into Root whilst working with him) by his impressive track record at Builtvisible and having worked with him over the last 11 months it is clear to see why he has the reputation he has. Darren is completely transparent in the way he works. We have been given a very clear plan of action for the year with monthly reports and are actively involved in his work as he goes along which is great being able to put our input into things.
We have had some exceptionally creative outreach posts published which have been of an excellent standard, content that we simply could not have created ourselves (or outreached) and we are now starting to see the benefit of all the hard work.
We genuinely now have an industry leading website and I am really excited to see where we go in 2020!

– Andrew Lynch, Director

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