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/Digital PR: Living with Dementia – Photography showing impact on everyday life

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Digital PR: Living with Dementia – Photography showing impact on everyday life

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Digital PR

We worked with a leading dementia specialist to create photographic imagery showcasing the impact the degenerative disease can have on someone’s everyday life


Amica is a luxury seniors residency business operating across Canada. It’s the kind of place we want to end up when we’re old. We’re talking swimming pools, luxury accommodation, chefs, top notch medical professionals – the works.

The company wanted to utilise Digital PR not only in order to impact search performance, but a key market for them is the ‘adult children’ of potential future residents, so they wanted to raise their visibility and position themselves as a senior lifestyle company that can’t be matched.


One of the specialists Amica works with is a well-known and respected doctor who was the Director of Research for the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada for numerous years.

With such a wealth of undisputable knowledge and professionals who work with the company, we thought this was an asset worth showcasing.

Although thought leadership is definitely on the cards at this point, and we did utilise PR Requests to help Amica land some absolute monster placements, we wanted to centre a creative campaign on dementia, which would enable us to strengthen the company’s image as a place for elderly patients who have similar needs.

It’s a worry for many, and a topic that has continued to increase in public consciousness over the years:


The concept we came up with was to see if we could visualise numerous dementia symptoms and help people gain an understanding of the experience those suffering from the disease could be going through.

As you can imagine, this required extensive feasibility testing and working with Dr Heather Palmer to ascertain what the symptoms are, how common they are and would visualising them do the symptoms of dementia justice.


What we created was a series of photographs that was split by an interactive slider feature.

We worked with a Photoshop specialist to take an image of an everyday location – the kitchen, garden and living room – and overlay a version of that setting visualising how a dementia symptom may manifest.

Our imagery was able to highlight how dots on wallpaper can appear as ants or living organisms crawling around the room, or how a light in the corner may become blinding and distort the world around it. We also showcased how someone may still leave food out for a pet that lived years prior and how words on a notepad can become a puzzle for the mind to solve.


  • Full page features on global publications like the Daily Mail and Metro
  • Dr Heather Palmer’s tips highlighted specifically for caregivers and adult children
  • Further features on Studyfinds.org, WhenTheyGetOlder and Scoop.
  • 23 LRDs that have remained for 2 years
  • Over 200 social shares
  • 13% uplift in authority metrics through this campaign and other digital PR activity

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