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Newsjacking – From Concept to Top Tier Links in 3 days

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How we noticed a newsjacking opportunity and achieved links from Yahoo!, IGN and more plus generated thousands of social comments within a week

Social Films is a London based video production agency, who work with some of the largest brands globally and who’s work has set records for companies like BA for most video views of any of their material…ever.

We know they know their stuff and they are a super-engaged company to work with, making our lives as their SEO and link building agency so much easier. So, when we spotted the news regarding the new release of the Sonic The Hedgehog trailer, we sniffed an opportunity to be reactive.

So we jumped on it

The news was being covered by websites such as the BBC, Verge and the Guardian, all within hours of the new trailer being released on Youtube. They all followed the same narrative, citing the positive response to the new remodelling that Paramount had been forced into after their initial trailer was slammed in unprecedented fashion 6 months prior.

Quickly, we jumped on the opportunity, speaking with Social Films about putting together some figures surrounding how much their redesign would likely have cost Paramount. Being video production specialist, we knew any insight from them was going to carry weight and offer journalists a new hook to either release a follow up article with or amend their existing article with the newfound information.

Social Films, went one step further and analysed the first 24 hours of each trailer, both old and new, and drafted figures highlighting the number of views, number of likes and dislikes. This meant more headlines we could offer journalists and a great play on the existing online conversation.

With our prospecting already complete (we just had to look at the news vertical for ‘Sonic’) we conducted some very swift outreach and within 3 days of the new trailers released we achieved a top tier link on Yahoo!

And there was more…

Within the week, we had generated hundreds of mentions for Social Films, including links from 3 different Yahoo! properties, 2 on IGN, CBR, and becoming the basis for articles which blew up on Indiewire.

Indiewire picked up our figures

This was all a result of a great and reactive relationship between Social Films and ourselves – something we’ve seen time and again being key for generating coverage like this.

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