Our work/Digital PR: Data analysis earns global coverage in tech and finance

Digital PR

Digital PR: Data analysis earns global coverage in tech and finance

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How our data analysis of TV streaming platforms gained backlinks from the Motley Fool, 9to5 Mac and created headlines in 14 different countries.


Self Financial is a Texas-based fintech company, helping Americans build their credit with products that allow people to access finance who may not be able to otherwise.

The client has been working with Root for a number of years and continues to gain backlinks both in the personal finance niche, and in wider consumer press where it is important their brand can reach new potential customers and audiences. This includes younger audiences, who are particularly interested in, and focused on, finances and everyday costs.

As part of our ongoing digital PR activity with Self, we created an analysis of TV streaming services in the US to see which had the best ‘bang for buck’ and which offered the highest quality to viewers.

One of the data visualisations we put together for the piece. Who knew HBO Max had so many quality films?!


In the ideation process we realised that there was a similar piece out there that looked at value of streaming, but did not go much deeper into the details than that. We knew from reviewing the data and opportunity in the press that there was a gap in analysing the data further, specifically in how family-friendly the content was, and which performed best in each genre.

We knew that we could create a piece of research that was as good as, if not better, than this. In addition, Disney+ had recently increased its price, and HBO Max was in the news cycle due to the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which created a lot of media attention. The time was right to analyse who was offering a better service in the streaming wars.

We always try to keep in mind ‘building an octopus’ where we ensure there are numerous angles to be discussed which allows us to tackle various niches for outreach. In this case, we knew we would be able to leverage each brand, their fandoms, and the personal finance angle present in the analysis.

A relevant and authoritative link achieved in The Motley Fool honing in on the personal finance angle of the data analysis.


One challenge we had when producing this piece was that the data was not readily accessible from the streaming services themselves, and other 3rd party aggregators were not willing to collaborate with their own datasets. As a side-note, we often try to work with data partners where possible as it’s a win-win: we get the data, they get free coverage from our PR work.

In this case, we found a work-around and were able to scrape IMDb listings using Python into a spreadsheet and quickly analyse the data from there.

After that, we crunched the numbers, visualised the data, produced the report and got our outreach out asap to ensure the data didn’t get cold anytime soon.

Coverage on 9to5Mac, the most authoritative site on Apple tech related content.


  • Over 50 linking root domains, and an extra 20 in syndicated content as of the end of April 2021, all within the first 3 weeks of going live.
  • Covered in U.S, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Iran, Portugal, Netherlands, Germany, China, Greece, Czechoslovakia, and the U.K.
  • Backlinks from The Motley Fool, 9to5 Mac, BGR, Apple Insider, and The Streamable to name just five.
  • The Streamable actually covered the data 3 separate times focusing on 3 different data-points in their coverage, proving our process of creative diversification.
  • Allowed the client to access a key target audience for those interested in streaming services and money-saving.
  • Featured prominently on the popular Mac Observer and Daring Fireball podcasts.
  • Generated 1,300 pageviews in April 2021 from users clicking through to the analysis.

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