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The BEST Digital PR & Link Building Campaigns

As Digital PR’s and link builders we’re often on the look-out for campaign inspiration and to see what (and why) journalists are linking to different pieces of content.

Internally, we were cataloguing campaigns we liked and shared the most among ourselves, including our own campaigns, so we’ve decided to launch this as a resource in order to share our all-time favourites and the best assets that have dominated creative link building for years.

Today, more than ever, there are some great existing resources for everyone to get a healthy dose of creativity, by signing up to newsletters like Content Curated or by following @DigitalPREx (shout out to Mark Porter and Carrie Rose for launching those).

Btw, here’s our full list of digital PR resources to follow for the hardcore among us.

Our list is designed with the idea that you can look through the best campaigns as a complete history, and be able to sort by industry, target market, format or year to gain inspiration for your own business and digital PR campaigns.

If you’ve launched a piece that has driven over 20 links and would like to have it featured in our list, feel free to drop me a message including details from the format below (and ‘agency name’ if created by one).

Email: [email protected]

LinkedIn: Darren Kingman

Twitter: @DarrenKingman

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